Obamacare enrollments vs. insurance cancellation notices in one simple chart

So far Obamacare has cost about 40 times more people their insurance than have obtained insurance through the program. “Mission Accomplished” … if you were trying to speed up the stampede to “single payer,” which will be an exponentially larger failure:


It’s amazing when you consider that the pitch for this piece of shit law was to “cover those who don’t have insurance.” Well, those who don’t have insurance are trickling onto the Medicare roles, and the number of people who had health insurance who are losing it is now in the millions.

Side observation: Nancy Pelosi is repugnant — but you knew that.

Unrelated: Tuesday and most of Wednesday I’ll be in South Carolina on “business” (tell y’all about it later when I’m able), so my posts here and at Michelle’s may slow down a bit unless they have wi-fi on the plane or in any of the restaurants in which I’ll be searching for the perfect steak.

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Author: Doug Powers

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