Tales from the train wreck: Another cancer victim loses insurance due to Obamacare

Sad and also infuriating.

The company that had to do away with her policy is offering her another one that complies with the parameters of the Obamacare law, but it’ll be more expensive and nobody yet knows if it’ll cover the same treatments she’d been receiving under her old plan.

Thanks Obamacare!

Keep in mind that the policy she’s crying about losing that she seemed happy with is one the Dems refer to as a “junk policy.”

Imagine the ads the Dems would have created last year if the woman had worked for Bain Capital.

Update: Naturally now Obama’s trying to kick the cancellation can to after the 2014 elections. Too late for most, but the whole point of this is to give the Dems another excuse to blame insurance companies instead of the shitty law that caused all the problems in the first place.

Obama in a nutshell

This pretty much sums it up:

Yes, on top of Jimmy Carter slamming Obama’s ineptitude, yesterday Bill Clinton knocked Obama for his dishonesty. All Obama needs now is Biden accusing him of being gaffe-prone and the trifecta will be complete.

H & R Barack: Obamacare navigators shown offering helpful tax advice

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are back with a new video showing another part of what the Affordable Care Act hath wrought.

Here’s part of what the latest video shows, via NRO:

“You lie because your premiums will be higher,” one navigator advises an investigator for O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, who tells the worker he sometimes smokes. “Don’t tell them that. Don’t tell ’em.”

The investigator then poses as a low-income worker at a university who has unreported cash income on the side, worrying about how that might affect his premium subsidies. That’s no problem for a navigator, who says, “Don’t get yourself in trouble by declaring it now.”

“Yeah, it didn’t happen,” another navigator says. One more chimes in: “Never report it.”

Records show that the National Urban League was paid $376,000 by the federal government for its Obamacare outreach in Texas.

Video from Project Veritas via Twitchy:

O’Keefe says he’s got many more of these kinds of videos and will release them over time. The bottom line is that it looks as if the federal government is giving grants to some groups who are then advising people to cheat on their taxes. Actually, “navigators” aren’t even necessary for that, because the law itself encourages the practice because the less income you can show, the more benefits you receive.

Naturally, libs are blowing these vids off as “isolated incidents” and saying O’Keefe probably “selectively edited” the videos, but anybody with an IQ over room temperature in a poorly heated house knows that the Affordable Care Act is in engraved invitation for fraud.

The true purpose of Obamacare isn’t to provide people with access to insurance but rather to get OFA and ACORN-style tentacles even deeper into the system under the guise of health coverage. Frankly what will shock me most is if somebody can show a video of a navigator that encourages applicants to be 100 percent honest.

Veterans Day salute


A big Veterans Day “thank you” to those who serve or have served in the United States military and fought for the freedoms we enjoy (even if that includes the freedom to be unappreciative jackwads). We appreciate all you do and have done to protect this great nation.

If you missed my post about Doolittle’s Raiders final toast, you can read it here.

Happy Veterans Day!

Obama golfs at ‘Caddyshack’ course; Danny Noonan’s insurance gets cancelled


Florida’s Grande Oaks Golf Club played host to a famous comedy of errors. Also, “Caddyshack” was filmed there over 30 years ago.

From ABC News:

Despite sporadic fall showers and the muggy Florida sun, President Barack Obama hit the greens Saturday with a former NBA star at the ritzy golf club where “Caddyshack” was filmed.

In South Florida for a trio of fundraisers the night before, Obama traveled north from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, where he joined former basketball player Alonzo Mourning at the Grande Oaks Golf Club.

The name of the private, 18-hole course has changed over the years, but “Caddyshack” fans will remember it as the site where Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and a rambunctious gopher got into all kinds of antics in the 1980 comedy flick.

Suddenly the universe makes more sense.

Coincidentally, after Obama left, Danny Noonan and Carl Spackler received insurance cancellation letters.

Obama: I’m sorry that insurance companies failed to live up to my ‘you can keep your plan if you like it’ promise

Pitiful, weak, and insulting to say the least:

What a load of Pelosi. If you try and follow Obama’s “logic” here’s what he’s saying: I regret that I was unaware anybody would be dumb enough to not want a higher quality policy at a more affordable price and get angry when they were given that chance.

And that isn’t the case. People getting dumped from their existing policies are facing higher premiums for what will probably end up being crappier coverage.

What a joke.

Even if Obama’s non-apology apology was delivered this way, I still wouldn’t accept it (though I would have enjoyed it more):

The media are just as culpable as Obama and the congressional Democrats as well, which is why it’s pathetic to now see them reporting Obamacare horror stories as if they’re surprised. They helped him pull this off!

The Obamacare ‘train wreck’ leaves the tracks and heads for the highway

Watch out — the “train wreck” is now on the surface roads:

The North Carolina Department of Transportation sent out a traffic alert, warning people of female drivers, rain and Obamacare.

The North Carolina DOT sends out routine alerts to drivers about accidents and road work using email and Twitter messages.

On Wednesday, the NCDOT sent out an alert which reads: “A High severity incident has been Added for I-40 Eastbound in Wake County in Raleigh,” before going on to list the incident as “Vehicle Accident: Women Drivers, Rain, Obama Care.”

As evidenced below, the above faux pas cost somebody their government contract:

“The individual violated procedures by failing to turn off the external feed while testing and for the inappropriate test message content. The contractor was let go immediately for this action,” DOT officials said in a statement.

That contractor is expected to be immediately hired as part of the HealthCare.gov re-design team.

From the ‘imagine if Sarah Palin said this’ file: Debbie Wasserman Schultz can’t pronounce ‘misled’

According to the repugnant, detestable, vile, abhorrent, awful, terrible, horrid, revolting, despicable, loathsome Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the president hasn’t “myzzled” anybody with his bogus “if you like your plan you can keep it” promises.

At the 1:10 mark, you’ll hear that she memorized the word wrong (or pronounced it how Obama might off the teleprompter).

Video via Ann Althouse:

That idiocy aside, her whole premise is laughable. Obama didn’t lie when he said “if you like your plan you can keep your plan, period” because people who are losing their plans are ending up better off? That’s another lie and it’s offensive on multiple levels, but that’s DWS.