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Happy New Year’s Eve!

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We’ve been through this drill before. Sometimes it takes a day or two for things to settle back to normal. We’ll see.

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Have a great New Year’s Eve all! We have some fireworks left over from the 4th of July, so if you hear anything loud tonight, it’s just us blowing stuff up.

AP story about Cuba economy hilariously deflects blame for the failings of communism

Matt Cover over at Rare spotted this first, and it’s an Associated Press gem.

Why does communism fail time and time again? Look at the AP’s spin:

HAHAHAHA! “Lack of customers.”

“Lack of customers” is also the reason shop owners in North Korea don’t have condos in Boca and will be sent to a labor camp for 30 years if they complain about their country’s “lack of customers” form of government.

From the AP story (if you’re drinking a beverage, put it down before proceeding):

While the sample size is small, the numbers point to a basic problem that economists who follow Cuba have noted from the start: There simply isn’t enough money to support a thriving private sector on an island where salaries average $20 a month.

“Clearly, there is a macroeconomic environment that does not favor the private sector or the expansion of demand that the private sector requires,” said Pavel Vidal, a former Cuban Central Bank economist.

The gist of the story is that the Cuban government has been dabbling in — get this — government-run free-market capitalism (hmm, why does that sound so familiar?), but I don’t even know where to start when trying to dissect “isn’t enough money to support a thriving private sector.” And the “macroeconomic environment” the Cuban economist speaks of is called “communism,” though the AP didn’t see fit to point that out.

By the way, if the above sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the same crap we hear when our own U.S. government is trying to spin all their “green job” failings. “The company we started had a great product, but the customers just weren’t there.” And media outlets report it dutifully.

Tool on MSNBC: Christian men, if you love Jesus more than anything else, there might be some hypocritical homoeroticism going on there

Have you ever wondered that because Phil Robertson thinks homosexuality is a sin, that he himself might be kinda-sorta gay for professing such a strong love for Jesus? Me neither, but we can always count on MSNBC for venturing into this kind of absurd territory.

Transcript and video of Michael Eric Dyson with Joy Reid (filling in for Ed Schultz, who fills in for Shemp) via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. Should you require more context, you can find it at the link, but this is pretty self-explanatory:

DYSON: I mean it’s — well, first of all, it’s scurrilous, but it’s the same as using Jesus in making Jesus co-sign all of this bigotry here. Jesus was a Jew who, around whom a religion was made. So the anti-Semitism of many of the Christians is ironic to begin with.

And then secondly, the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual stuff – look through the Bible. There’s a lot of interesting things. The same men who will stand up in the church of all men. “I put my God, Jesus, overall women. I love him more than I love her.”

Hmmm. Do you really? That sounds interestingly homoerotic to people who are outside your religious traditions. I’m not suggesting it is but I’m suggesting that there are some very interesting, subtle, narrative tensions within the Bible itself and within Christianity beyond that.

“I’m not suggesting that — I’m just making that suggestion.”

That is far from the dumbest thing ever said on MSNBC, because after all, it’s MSNBC, but it might be one of the funniest.

Now let’s see if he has the stones to say the same thing about Muslim men’s devotion to Muhammed.

Hilarious how the Left is using the Phil Robertson thing to jump up on a Christian bandwagon to accuse the religious Right of being anti-Semitic closet gays.

Merry Christmas from the dark ages

Merry Christmas! And contrary to how it may seem, I’m not dead. Yet.

Last Thursday night we got a nasty winter storm, and then on Friday night an ice storm came through and caused some serious damage. Much of the area remains without power and downed trees make some places look like a tornado blew through. We were lucky in that we only lost power temporarily, but the internet connection has been pretty much gone since Saturday morning. It’s just now starting to come back to life. Even some of my backup areas (library, coffee shop, etc) didn’t have internet. So it’s ended up being an unintended mini-vacation. I’ve gone through so much driveway salt that even the driveway has even melted.

Because of the low temps most of the trees remain covered in a quarter inch to a half inch of ice, because of global warming or something.

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your families, and hopefully I’ll be back up and running permanently soon. I’ve never seen an outage this lengthy.

For now, I’ll let cousin Eddie bring this one home before my connection goes down again:

Will A&E win the award for dumbest business decision of the year?

Do you find it as funny as I do that A&E could lose the most lucrative, highest rated non-fiction cable series of all time just because they were in a rush to appease people who don’t even watch the show?

Also, any “boycott” of the show’s advertisers isn’t going to work because companies like Under Armour know their customer base, and that base doesn’t look like this.

In spite of their “offense” at Phil Robertson’s comments, A&E continues to milk every last dollar out of the show. Get it while you can, A&E, because that money might go elsewhere soon.

A&E may have made the dumbest broadcast media business decision since somebody gave Magic Johnson a talk show.

Wait, somebody on Team Obama compared the GOP to a ‘Jonestown cult’?

Obama flack John Podesta wins this month’s “holy sh*t Michael Moore just called me fat” award for this gem:

John Podesta was just named as a new senior-level adviser to President Obama last week, but he’s already ruffling Republican feathers.

In a profile published late Tuesday night by Politico Magazine, Podesta is quoted comparing Republicans to the infamous cult led by Jim Jones, who was responsible for the 1978 cyanide poisoning of more than 900 of his followers in Guyana.

“They need to focus on executive action given that they are facing a second term against a cult worthy of Jonestown in charge of one of the houses of Congress,” said Podesta of what Obama’s White House team faces. Jonestown was the informal name of the settlement founded by Jones and his American followers.

On Wednesday, Podesta apologized for his impolitic comment.

Anybody working with Team Obama is the last person who should accuse others of cult-like activities. Mmm Mmm Mmm.