Merry Christmas from the dark ages

Merry Christmas! And contrary to how it may seem, I’m not dead. Yet.

Last Thursday night we got a nasty winter storm, and then on Friday night an ice storm came through and caused some serious damage. Much of the area remains without power and downed trees make some places look like a tornado blew through. We were lucky in that we only lost power temporarily, but the internet connection has been pretty much gone since Saturday morning. It’s just now starting to come back to life. Even some of my backup areas (library, coffee shop, etc) didn’t have internet. So it’s ended up being an unintended mini-vacation. I’ve gone through so much driveway salt that even the driveway has even melted.

Because of the low temps most of the trees remain covered in a quarter inch to a half inch of ice, because of global warming or something.

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your families, and hopefully I’ll be back up and running permanently soon. I’ve never seen an outage this lengthy.

For now, I’ll let cousin Eddie bring this one home before my connection goes down again:

Author: Doug Powers

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