Hope & Change: Workers at small business discover how much Obamacare has ‘helped’ them

If a private sector company had a similar product and it had the word “affordable” in the name, Eric Holder would shut it down for deceptive advertising and indict the owners.

Watch how much Obamacare has “helped” these Pennsylvania workers:

A local news station brings viewers inside one Pennsylvania company as the employees their learn about their new health care plans under Obamacare:

I wish they’d have asked how many of those people voted for Obama so I’d know which ones not to feel as sorry for.

Freezing to death from global warming

Save us, Al Gore!


The snip below is from 2010, but we’ll be hearing more of it from the warmists:

The explanation that is gaining currency among climate scientists is that low levels of Arctic sea ice during the summer are causing more heat to be absorbed in the Arctic during the fall, and changing atmospheric circulation patterns, driving cold Arctic air into Europe and the Eastern United States and funneling warm air up into the Arctic regions.

This warm Arctic-cold continents pattern is likened to leaving the refrigerator door open. The room gets colder but the fridge warms up.

The “refrigerator door” explanation is such a crock. If the refrigerator door is open, it’s still -30 below zero in the freakin’ fridge. How is that?

An unbearable dichotomy of First Couple food tweets

Here’s Michelle Obama on Thursday pushing Subway, which agreed to make their kids menu as shitty as the school lunches FLOTUS helped ruin:

That was followed by a tweet from Barack Obama’s White House less than four hours later:

Yeah, he doesn’t listen to her. And I don’t listen to either of them. It’s a “win-win-win” all around.

Coincidences aplenty

A big list of current total coincidences from Ace of Spades HQ by way of Nice Deb:

Coincidence: Hollywood’s only conservative group is getting close IRS nonprofit scrutiny

Another Coincidence: James O’Keefe Group Being Audited by NY. Again.

Yet Another Coincidence: Dinesh D’Souza Indicted For Election Fraud

Still Another Coincidence: IRS Proposes New 501(c)(4) Rules That Just Happen to Cover Most Tea Party Groups

Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin’s ‘John Doe’ Subpoenas

And it’s probably just another coincidence that this is all happening while Democrats are getting more openly vocal in their call for thug tactics worthy of the finest banana republics.

Jay Carney won’t say if taxpayers paid for Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash, meaning taxpayers paid for Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash

To translate the Jay Carney-speak, the answer here is “yes, taxpayers paid for her party”:

“The first lady had her 50th birthday party and I believe you said that the president picks up the cost for that party?” asked ABC’s chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl.

“I think we put out information on that,” Carney said. “I don’t have it here. I refer you to the East Wing.” The White House’s East Wing includes the office space for the first lady and her staff.

“I was just wondering if you have an estimate on what the cost was?” Karl prodded. “I don’t, but I would refer you to the East Wing,” Carney said, putting an end to this line of questioning.

Of course taxpayers ate the cost, which is why they didn’t want any of the guests putting out pictures on social media. But I don’t know what the big deal is about not wanting to publicize who paid for a birthday party, especially after it’s well-known that taxpayers had already paid for FLOTUS’ extended stay in Hawaii as Barack’s generous “birthday present” to his wife.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets ironic on Roe v. Wade anniversary

The things the pro-abortion left says without flinching serves as evidence that they just don’t or won’t accept the fact that what the “right” they stand for snuffs out lives — or they do understand that but are rubbing it in the faces of those who stand up on behalf of the defenseless. Obama demonstrated that earlier, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz just doubled down with this:

“Happy 41st birthday, Roe v. Wade.”

Over 50 million people have been deprived of birthdays since that birthday. Break out the cake and party hats!

Wendy Davis says Greg Abbott doesn’t know about struggles? Updated

Texas gubernatorial candidate and late-term abortion proponent Wendy Davis is blaming her GOP opponent Greg Abbott for an article that was in fact written by a left-leaning Dallas Morning News reporter.

To top off the crazy, Davis says Abbott doesn’t know about struggle like she does:

From Wikipedia:

Abbott became a paraplegic when an oak tree fell on him while he was running following a storm in 1984. He had two steel rods implanted in his spine, underwent extensive rehabilitation at TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston, and has used a wheelchair ever since.

Shark = Jumped:

The Left lecturing Greg Abbott about struggling is pitiful, but that’s coming from the side of the aisle that defines “struggle” as being forced to drive more than 30 miles to get to an abortion clinic. Horror!


Um, has Davis’ campaign management failed to share with her a vital piece of information about her opponent’s personal life? Oh my.

Obama’s NSA speech didn’t do much to alleviate eavesdropping concerns

Did you see Obama’s NSA speech yesterday? As far as eavesdropping concerns go, this didn’t help much:

While the president recognized the surveillance program has grown in recent years, he also strongly defended those who work in the intelligence community, saying they do not abuse power. “After all,” he said, “the folks at NSA and other intelligence agencies are our neighbors and our friends.”

So next time the “neighbor” stops by to borrow a cup of sugar, it might just be to install a bugging device? Thanks Obama.

Obama opened his speech justifying NSA programs by invoking Paul Revere, which was an epic fail. Revere spied on the British — which at that time was the government.