DOJ to Little Sisters of the Poor: Fall in line, Obamacare hating nuns

It’s come to this: The Obama administration vs. Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged.


Eric Holder’s Justice Department is now taking on America’s biggest problem right now: Some nuns helping the poor. Nice.

Obamacare proponents say all the nuns would have to do is sign a form and they’d be able to opt out of the birth control mandate on religious grounds, but…

The Catholic nonprofit argued that, while it would not directly have pay for the benefits under ObamaCare regulations, opting out would simply “authorize someone else to provide” services to which it objects.

And that’s the crux of opt-outs allowed under the law — Obamacare is the Hotel California: You can check out any time you like but you can never leave. The nuns are pushing back against the entire law, not just the birth control mandate. They’ve now become a threat, and the Obama administration will put them down if it means gagging them with their own rosaries.

Here’s the view of the nuns’ lawyer (leave it to the Obama administration to force “Little Sisters of the Poor” to retain an attorney), who has a good point:

“Unfortunately, the federal government has started the new year the same way that it ended the old one: trying to bully nuns into violating their religious beliefs.

“The government demands that the Little Sisters of the Poor sign a permission slip for abortion drugs and contraceptives, or pay of millions in fines. The Sisters believe that doing that violates their faith, and that they shouldn’t be forced to divert funds from the elderly poor they serve to the IRS.

“The government now asks the Supreme Court to believe that the very thing it is forcing the nuns to do—signing the permission slip—is a meaningless act. But why on earth would the government be fighting the Little Sisters all the way to the Supreme Court if it did not think its own form had any effect? The government’s brief offers no explanation for its surprising insistence on making the Little Sisters sign a form the government now says is meaningless.

Full letter here.

In the battle of Obama administration vs. the Little Sisters of the Poor, my money’s on the nuns.

Probably the quickest way to get Eric Holder to leave them alone would be to convince the DOJ that the Little Sisters are illegal aliens.

Author: Doug Powers

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