Gee, do you think Dick Lugar’s a little ticked that conservatives gave him the boot?

Kicking this particular “Republican” out of Congress was the correct thing to do:

Former Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican, has given the maximum amount of money allowed under federal campaign finance laws to a candidate who hopes to help Democrats retain the Senate in the 2014 election.

Michelle Nunn used the $5,000 donation to appeal to conservative Georgia voters. “I am immensely honored and grateful for Senator Lugar’s generous support in this race,” she said. “Both in the Senate and in the international community, Senator Lugar’s collaborative approach made us safer and moved our country forward. We need more leaders like Senator Lugar — not less, and I will strive to follow this legacy in the U.S. Senate.”
After 36 years, Lugar lost his Senate seat from Indiana in 2010 when State Treasurer Richard Mourdock defeated him in the Republican primary by arguing that he was too moderate.

What better way to prove the Tea Party wrong about their accusations of “too moderate” than to donate money to a liberal? This is more of an “in your face” move than anything. Don’t go away mad, Dick, just go away.


President Obama is pictured above bestowing then GOP Senator Dick Lugar the “Republican Democrats Love Most” medal last year

Author: Doug Powers

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