Bay of Pigs redux? Russian warship’s unexplained visit to Cuba

For some reason, this sounds awfully familiar:


Putin lightly taunting The One no doubt:

A Russian warship was docked in Havana Wednesday, without explanation from Communist Cuba or its state media.

The Viktor Leonov CCB-175 boat, measuring 91.5 meters (300 feet) long and 14.5 meters wide, was docked at the port of Havana’s cruise ship area, near the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

The Vishnya, or Meridian-class intelligence ship, which has a crew of around 200, went into service in the Black Sea in 1988 before it was transferred seven years later to the northern fleet, Russian media sources said.

Neither Cuban authorities nor state media have mentioned the ship’s visit, unlike on previous tours by Russian warships.

Where is that misspelled “re-set button” when you need it?

By the way, I was only joking with the “Bay of Pigs” reference in the title. Obama would surrender to Putin long before any nuke standoff reached a similar crisis level.

Just when you thought HHS couldn’t get more embarrassing and desperate

Because nothing says “quality, affordable health care” hijacking a meme and making it even worse than the original:

Are the adults tied up and locked in a closet somewhere? Haven’t seen them in a few years.


Dick Cheney: Obama would rather spend money on food stamps than the military

It’s quite simple really: If voters continue to elect and re-elect those who insist on turning America into an entitlement society, it must come at the expense of something else. Dick Cheney’s statement caused controversy, but he merely pointed out the obvious:

Former vice president Dick Cheney went on Fox’s “Hannity” show last night to discuss the recent plans to reduce the Army to levels not seen since 1940 — through a reduction in personnel and removing a class of warplanes from the field — in an effort to cut budgets after a decade of war, calling the decision “over the top.” He told host Sean Hannity that President Obama would “much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would on a strong military or support for our troops.”

But, like I said in the intro, I wouldn’t put this all on Obama — the blame can be shared among millions. “The One” was elected and re-elected. This one’s on voters too, and unfortunately the rest of us who see what’s coming are forced to go down with a ship they’re poking full of holes.

Military personnel:


Food stamp enrollment:


Don’t go away mad, Piers, just go away

As it turns out, you can’t wrongly infer that every gun owner in America is complicit in murder every time some monster shoots up a school or shopping mall and maintain any kind of ratings:

Piers Morgan’s prime-time talk show has been cancelled with the journalist admitting the audience in the United States is getting ”tired” of him.

The former newspaper editor joined US channel CNN in a blaze of publicity three years ago to take over from veteran Larry King, but his show has struggled in the ratings with initial audiences of two million falling to around 270,000.

The 48-year-old told The New York Times that he and CNN president Jeff Zucker were discussing a new role for him at the channel, where his contract ends in September, but admitted his brash British approach had alienated viewers.

Morgan’s campaigning stance in favour of gun control has led to some high-profile clashes with opponents and hundreds of thousands people signed a petition calling for him to be deported.

Also yesterday, Alec Baldwin said he was going away. All in all it was a pretty good day. Although I don’t believe Baldwin for a second. He said he’s tired of tabloid photographers, so he’s leaving New York City. Where’s he going? Los Angeles. Yeah, no celeb photographers there.

Back to Morgan — I do appreciate Piers for one thing: He contributed to one of the funniest Twitter exchanges ever in this mini-debate with Carol Roth:


FLOTUS says what we’ve been thinking for years: ‘Ew!’

Thursday night, Michelle Obama appeared on The Tonight Show (now hosted by Jimmy Fallon) and participated in a sketch called “Ew!”

This is a pretty good imitation of a kid’s reaction to a school lunch made under FLOTUS’ dietary guidelines:

I’m not a huge fan of Vine videos on a blog, but that told a quick and effective story about what’s left of America after the libs have helped “fix” things.

(h/t Twitchy)

Vacation time: Fleeing to warmer climes

Thanks to global warming or something, this winter has dragged on far to long and far too cold for my own liking.

With that in mind, my family is temporarily evacuating to the tropics. For the most part it’ll be an “off the grid” vacay, but check that Twitter feed up there to the left for occasional updates, provided the beach sand doesn’t ruin my iPhone.

Be back about a week from Saturday. Take care all!

Heh: Pelosi’s ‘House Majority PAC’ bashes Obamacare in Florida race

On the one hand, Nancy Pelosi claims Dems will be happy to stand tall for Obamacare in 2014. On the other hand, a Super PAC she’s involved with is running ads like this:

With friends like the Democratic House Majority PAC, does Obamacare need enemies?

The PAC is up with an ad defending Miami Rep. Joe Garcia, but it’s not attacking rivals like Republican Carlos Curbelo. Instead, it’s insulating him against claims he’s an Obamacare apologist is an object lesson in how Democrats look like they’re running scared from the Affordable Care Act.

Shorter version of these kinds of Dem ads: “Yeah, I supported this cluster f*ck. Now re-elect me so I can fix it!” Hopefully voters don’t fall for that BS in droves, but given that so many voters fell for the original obvious lies used to sell O-care, I’m not optimistic.

Obama sums up his philosophy of the Executive Branch in 6 words

“I can do whatever I want.” This pretty much says it all:

President Obama “quipped” today during a visit to Monticello with the French president, “That’s the good thing about being president, I can do whatever I want.”

I used that video in a post at Michelle’s site about yet another Obamacare mandate delay, but thought it deserves an extra spotlight on it. It’s hard to believe that didn’t cause Thomas Jefferson to crawl from his grave and yell “are you f*#@ing kidding me!?”

By the way, the title of this post should have made it more clear that Obama’s philosophy that a president can do whatever he wants only applies while Obama or maybe some other uber-lefty is president.

Here are six different words that sum up Obama’s view of his presidential power:

Duuuuude: Obama’s Olympics interview & Bob Costas’ giant orb of obedience

It’s been a pretty trippin’ Olympics so far.

President Obama was of course interviewed during the opening ceremony of the Olympics (otherwise known as “the games that take place as a background for NBC’s Obama interviews”), and from the look of things he’d been hanging out with the snowboarding team in the Choom Wagon:

I spotted Air Force One in the distance yesterday after Obama spoke at Michigan State, and maybe those contrails weren’t from the plane’s engines.

Prior to that I was transfixed by this:

Bob Costas’ “orb of obedience” instructed me to “change the channel.” I complied and am now awaiting the next arrival of the Hale Bopp comet.

Lib spin on latest CBO report about Obamacare’s effect on jobs is a thing to behold

Hard to decide which is more pathetic: The fact that Media Matters even pushes this crap, or that they can count on so many of their moronic sheep to nod in the affirmative:

I long for the day when there are layoffs at Media Matters so I can inform them of what great news it is for them. Too bad our tax dollars subsidize them or that day would come sooner rather than later.

This Media Matters tool made the same “argument.” Try and figure out this response:

Good God. I’m ashamed to be in the same genus as these idiots.

Just keep in mind that, for the most part, these are the kinds of people in charge of public education. Sleep well.