ABC News hides real guns for kids to find, which is supposed to prove a gun control point or something

The mainstream media can be so embarrassing — even dangerous sometimes.

A basic gun safety rule is “always handle the gun as if it’s loaded.” So with that in mind, ABC News decided to let kids find guns they said were unloaded and even look down the barrel:

SAWYER: We took a group of kids and we did just that, we gave them an intense warning. And then we took another group of kids and sent them all into a playroom with lots of toys, and something else, three real, unloaded and disabled guns. While their parents watched, here’s what our hidden cameras recorded.

Hey, if ABC News really wanted to make their point, why didn’t they just leave the guns loaded and then blame the NRA when they went off?

Moral of the story: Do not let ABC News anywhere near your kids.

(h/t Twitchy)

Author: Doug Powers

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