Vote fraud we much: Al Sharpton embraces woman convicted of casting six ballots for Obama in 2012 election

In Ohio about a year ago, a woman named Melowese Richardson was convicted of vote fraud. In the 2012 election, Richardson voted for Obama six times. Richardson was released from prison after serving just eight months of a five year sentence (on the federal level, Eric Holder yawned and looked the other way).

Last week at a Dem rally, Al Sharpton showed that Richardson is just the kind of person the party needs more of:


Hope you were able to get some good pointers, Al.


It gets even better… the woman who voted for Obama six times was part of the “Communities United for Action” (CUFA). In 2010, CUFA received a $25,000 grant from the Obama administration’s EPA.

“Move along, nothing to see here!”

Author: Doug Powers

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