Having solved all other global problems, Amnesty International shows up in Ferguson

The era of Obama wouldn’t be complete unless Amnesty International showed up in the U.S. for the first time in history:

In an unusual move, the global rights organization Amnesty International has dispatched a delegation of observers and organizers to Ferguson, Mo., to provide direct support to community members and to observe the police response to protests. The 13-person delegation, which arrived late last week, was the first of its kind deployed by Amnesty within the United States, the organization said.
Amnesty decided to send a delegation to the city last week — a day after Amnesty International USA’s Executive Director Steven Hawkins sent a letter to law enforcement officials there expressing “deep concern” about Brown’s death and the way in which the police responded to protesters in the following days.

No mention from Amnesty International of any concern for area store owners who are getting threatened, looted and vandalized on an almost daily basis.

But at least it’s a little easier than dealing with stuff like this:


Attention Amnesty International: ISIS has beheaded a U.S. photo journalist as well as children in Iraq. As soon as you’re done watching police in Missouri you might want to look into that if you have time.

You might recall that ISIS is “the JV team,” according to Obama.


Author: Doug Powers

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