SOTU class: Bush vs. Obama

From George W. Bush’s 2007 State of the Union speech after the Dems won control of both chambers of Congress:

We enter the year 2007 with large endeavors under way, and others that are ours to begin.

In all of this, much is asked of us. We must have the will to face difficult challenges and determined enemies, and the wisdom to face them together.

Some in this chamber are new to the House and the Senate, and I congratulate the Democrat majority.

Bush also congratulated Nancy Pelosi for being elected the first female Speaker of the House.

During the SOTU Tuesday night, after the Republicans won control of both chambers of Congress, President Obama’s only acknowledgement of any elections of any sort was this:

The new GOP majority was welcomed with a snide remark — what a surprise! Not only was it jack-assy, but they bragged about it:

Bush won two elections as well but still managed to not be a dick about it.

As for Obama’s speech itself, I can offer this rare bit of bipartisanship… I actually agreed with Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

(h/t @RKyleSmith and @WilliamAmos)

Author: Doug Powers

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