Is there a vaccine against media malpractice? New York Times has Hillary’s back… again

Democrats including Hillary Clinton are suddenly using the “anti-vaxxer” issue to add to global warming denialism in order to paint the GOP as “anti-science.”

Right on cue, the New York Times is happy to help push the latest bullshit talking point:

The vaccination controversy is a twist on an old problem for the Republican Party: how to approach matters that have largely been settled among scientists but are not widely accepted by conservatives.

The lib media is determined to help launch Hillary’s 2016 campaign even if they have to suck-start it.

So according to the NYT, these people are “conservatives” now: RFK Jr. — Obama-supporting actress Alicia Silverstone — residents of some of the most liberal places in California — Million-dollar donor to a pro-Obama Super PAC Bill Maher — Hollywood lib Jim Carrey — and of course Hillary circa 2008 (the list goes on).

The media malpractice we’re witnessing is only going to get worse as they’re going to force themselves to pretend that not only are there anti-vaxxers who are Democrats, but perhaps more than can be found on the right.

Author: Doug Powers

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