Institution of higher learning photo of the day: Ring toss, Planned Parenthood-style

Let’s check in with an institution of higher learning located about 70 miles north of where I’m sitting to see how the molding of the minds of tomorrow’s leaders is coming along:


One purported goal is to educate people whose sexual knowledge is so lacking that they don’t know a real penis doesn’t have a face like that on it (though would that be freakin’ awesome or what?).

Another goal, no doubt more important than the first, is apparently to make “Generation Gimme” transcend the end of the Hope & Change era and parlay that into continued “free” stuff paid for by somebody else:

Featuring free condom giveaways and educational games about sex and sexual practices, the intention of the health festival, Phenicie says, is to promote positive life choices for students who choose to be sexually active.

“Sextival is a sexual health festival that is intended to raise awareness of sexual health, to educate college students who may have not gotten a great sexual health education in high school, and just really to get people talking about (sex),” Phenicie said. “A lot of people are really uncomfortable talking about sex but a more open atmosphere leads to better outcomes.”

Organizations present at Sextival included the Office of LGBTQ Services, SAGE and Planned Parenthood.

Students in attendance at the event were widely receptive of all the different games and giveaways that were available. Some said the games were the reason for them attending.

Seniors Bryana Borders and Brittany Kronner learned about the event online through Facebook and knew they had to go.

“I figured there was a lot of free stuff I could get,” Borders said. “But I’m taking a human sexuality class now so I’ve been learning about all this stuff, so it’s nice to be able to apply it and it’s just fun.”

Phenicie said in the future she hopes to see Sextival be upgraded to an entire week, rather than just one day.

And I’m sure plenty of Planned Parenthood business cards were handed out… just in case.

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Author: Doug Powers

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