New York Times succinctly and unwittingly sums up Greece’s problem

I’ve read a lot of long articles about Greece’s monumental financial problems, but I don’t think I’ve seen a headline so adroit at summing up the crisis and its cause than this:

“Trillions Spent, but Crises Like Greece’s Persist”

Hopefully the Greeks can figure out a way to turn paradox into currency.

Outcome of Supreme Court’s ruling on ACA best summed up by these millennial pro-Obamacare interpretive dancers

I wrote a bit about the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare subsidies here, but you can tell what the Court ruled based only on the reaction from these Hope & Change-bots:

That was an interpretive dance titled “A Midsummer Night’s Premium Increase for Mom and Dad.”

Dem Sen. Chris Murphy got this ‘daily gun death’ stat from the ‘Dept of Disingenuous Facts’

Nice try pal:

What Murphy did was took the gun-related homicide figure, which is about 30 per day (according to the CDC), and added to it the number of suicides-by-gun, which is nearly double the homicide number (even the Huffington Post understood the difference). So, among that average of 30 homicide deaths-by-gun per day, how many happen in the “gun free zones” that Murphy wants to create more of? Oddly enough the gov’t doesn’t keep solid stats on that. Go figure.

Climate change is causing AGW alarmists’ ‘studies’ to be increasingly funny

The guzzlers of Al Gore’s Kool Aid are touting this “study” that affirms severe weather events are linked to man-made climate change.

Check out “study guideline” #1:

The scientists list the following questions as a guide to their study.

1. Given a particular weather pattern, how were the temperatures, precipitation, and associated impacts influenced by climate change?

2. Given a drought, how was the drying enhanced by climate change and how did that influence the moisture deficits and dryness of the soils, leading to a more intense and long-lasting drought?

3. Given a flood, where did the moisture come from? Was it increased by warmer ocean waters?

4. Given a heat wave, how was that influenced by drought, changes in precipitation, and extra heat from global warming?

5. Given extreme snow, where did the moisture come from? Was it related to oceans that are warmer?

6. Given an extreme storm, how was it influenced by sea temperatures, ocean heat content, unusual moisture transports?

7. Was a storm surge worse because of higher sea levels?

The “study” already achieved the desired outcome before the “study” was even conducted. Notice that #1 asked “how were” the factors influenced by climate change — not if they were or weren’t influenced by it at all.

Here’s the kicker from the “study”:

“The climate is changing: we have a new normal. The environment in which all weather events occur is not what it used to be. All storms, without exception, are different. Even if most of them look just like the ones we used to have, they are not the same.”

Just shut up and give them your money, rubes!

‘The most trusted name in news’ strikes again

Spin, CNN-style:

ALL those non-Islamic-related mass violence deaths were done by right-wingers, eh?

CNN also used the “since 9/11” technique to avoid escalating the Islamic terrorism numbers dramatically. That’s as ridiculous as making a chart listing deaths caused by Nazis and using the disclaimer “since June 1945.”

Also, if CNN used data before 9/11, they’d have to include wacky Ted Kaczynski, who wasn’t exactly a devoted fan of the GOP (Republicans don’t tend to have dog-eared, highlighted copies of Al Gore’s books in their collections).

What was Obama saying about al-Qaeda being ‘on the run’ and ISIS being ‘JV’?

Remember Obama’s Cairo speech in 2009, and how the media and other libs fawned over the promise of world peace that the era of Obama would usher in?

Let’s see how that’s going:

But didn’t Obama and Biden declare al-Qaeda “decimated” and mock the ability of ISIS? It’s almost like they’re never right about anything and have no idea what they’re doing!

Oh, and because Putin heard Obama tell Romney that Cold War-era thinking is over, Vlad is opening a “Military Disneyland” park for kids near Moscow. Meanwhile, kids in the US are getting kicked out of school for chewing Pop Tarts into the shape of guns.

Bill Nye’s being a detestable, dishonest climate change hack again

What an asshole:

Because SCIENCE!

Alaska’s largest known wildfire was in 1956, around the time Nye’s alarmist predecessors were cooking up their “next ice age” theory. And of course Texas was never hit by tropical storms, hurricanes and floods before people started driving cars.

Obama and Nye put out more fossil fuel emissions in one unnecessary trip to Florida on Air Force One recently than you or I probably ever will for the rest of our lives, but WE’RE the “science” deniers.

Because there haven’t been enough Bush presidents, Jeb will formally announce he’s entering the race

With another Clinton being the leading contender on the left, and another Bush set to be among the leading contenders on the right, maybe they should just be running-mates and formally usher in America’s descent into oligarchy:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is expected to confirm he will be running for president in 2016 Monday afternoon, and the anticipated campaign launch is set to take place at a South Florida college campus.

Sunday, Bush released a video on Twitter called “Making a Difference.” “He does it because he is a true servant. He is the best voice that we can have,” said a Bush supporter in the video.

I haven’t been this excited since the last time I got a “time for your next colonoscopy” reminder from my doctor:

Do you like Bush’s logo? I’m not feeling it:

I kept picturing how the logo was decided on in a focus group:

“Jeb” — Eh, whatever.

“Jeb!” — That’s it!