‘Blame Republicans for the Obamacare train wreck’ effort continues, with the GOP’s help in some cases

A couple days ago The Hill provided a hint as to what the “blame the GOP for a law NONE of them voted to pass” movement will look like heading into next year’s election.

Next up, HuffPo:

This criticism, while stupid and pitiful, isn’t entirely unjustified. Instead of telling Democrats to go f*#k themselves nuts deep when it comes to helping repair anything connected to Obamacare, some in the GOP have insisted on putting Republican fingerprints on the law, which is beyond stupid — regardless of the upcoming SCOTUS decision on King v. Burwell.

The Dems passed a shitty law, so let them bear the entire burden of the consequences of the illegalities courts agree it contains. By insisting on helping to “fix” Obamacare the Republicans are torching their best arguments/examples for full repeal.

Author: Doug Powers

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