Candidate who said businesses don’t create jobs vows to be ‘the small business president’; Unleashes evil laugh

Hillary Clinton once said that businesses don’t create jobs, but if she’s elected she’ll be “the small business president”:

Get a load of the cackle after that whopper of a lie! Even she doesn’t believe the s**t that comes out of her mouth.

Replace “small business” with “Clinton Foundation donors” and it’s way more accurate.

Planned Parenthood hits bottom, keeps digging

If you’re among those who think Planned Parenthood’s defense of organ harvesting from unborn babies is horrific, well, you just don’t care about kids’ health:

Harvesting organs from unborn babies and selling them … FOR THE CHILDREN! Just shut up and place a bid on these livers and kidneys, haters!


Speaking of rock bottom, good Lord…

Coach Nick ‘Rodham’ Saban: Master motivator

If this quote in a forthcoming book about Nick Saban is accurate, the Alabama coach is a master motivator for getting his players’ minds off distracting thoughts and back on the field of play:

The Alabama football coach imparts life lessons in a new biography by Monte Burke, and though the book itself isn’t out yet, an excerpt was published on Twitter Monday where Saban is giving his players dating advice.

From the excerpt:

“‘Guys out there chasing pussy, having all of these kids. And then you come in here and try to play football. Ultimately it’s a distraction. Ultimately, you don’t want to be out there chasing after midnight. If you haven’t locked it up by midnight, it’s not worth it.’”

“At this point Saban paused and shuffled on his feet. The color had risen in his face. His players had no idea what to expect next.”

“‘Ultimately, you never want to sleep with anybody who has less to lose than you do,’ he said, ‘So, ultimately, if I’m ever going to sleep around on Miss Terry, it’s going to be with Hillary Fucking Rodham Clinton.’”

Saban’s players immediately ran from the locker room and became practitioners of Buddhist monasticism.

Bill Clinton then swooped in and hit on their confused girlfriends.

Obama brings the funny in Kenya

In Kenya, President Obama told that country’s leaders what U.S. city to look to for pointers about getting rid of government corruption:

Well isn’t that special:


Obama lecturing another country about getting rid of government corruption? A career in comedy awaits after he leaves the White House.

Obama isn’t the only proponent of mandatory voting

Recently, President Obama floated an idea:

He’s not alone. Why? Because mandatory voting works! (for dictators):

Well, if Communists think it’s a good idea then we can also expect Hillary to make mandatory voting a campaign platform pretty soon (she’s already called for automatic registration).

It Takes a Village … of the Damned: Has the AP assigned Wes Craven to photograph Hillary’s campaign?

President Obama gets halos from the Associated Press, but for now Hillary Clinton will have to settle for this image that’s more like looking through Wes Craven’s camera lens than a political candidate:


View it in all its glory here, but don’t look directly at the photo until you’ve stored your soul in a safe, non-extractable place.

In case you’re wondering what Hillary was saying, here’s the clip.

Planned Parenthood prez: I’m sorry the PP staffer in that video didn’t find gentler language for fetal organ harvesting

Cecile Richards explained how a video showing Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola explaining at length how the “organization” harvests fetal organs for reuse and sale was patently false and deceptively edited. She did so by not denying anything that the PP staffer said, but rather saying the language used was a little harsh.

These people are so f**king twisted if Planned Parenthood didn’t exist the only other job they could find would be working as pretzels or boat dock rope:

And after all the exposure of the twisted and horrible things Planned Parenthood takes part in, never forget that it’s Scott Walker who is the real sicko here:

Have I mentioned that Planned Parenthood’s leadership is mentally ill?

Just when you thought Planned Parenthood (and the MSM) couldn’t get sicker…

By now you might have heard about the undercover video showing Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola explaining how they use partial birth abortion procedures to procure body parts. In other words, the sick bastards instruct abortion “providers” how to perform the procedures so as to not damage any organs they can later sell.

Here’s how the sick PP abortion/body parts mill freaks explained it:

“Donate tissue”? Imagine the lefty outrage if somebody had been doing the same thing with baby whales, lambs or snail darters.

What’s worse is that the MSM is running cover for these butchers. Check out these two headlines:

Somebody please start the rumor that Republicans support the harvesting and selling of dead babies’ organs so the MSM will provide them with some favorable coverage.


Newsweek got into the pro-PP spin as well.