Having solved all other problems, Chuck Schumer sets sights on regulating airline seat size

The headline writes itself: “Giant ass seeks larger seats”:

A U.S. senator is demanding an end to the ever-shrinking plane seats as he complains airlines are squeezing passengers onto planes ‘like sardines’.

Airlines seats have been shrinking for decades as airlines try to squeeze every millimeter of profit from each flight. From a relatively roomy 35 inches of legroom and 18-inch-wide seats in the 1970s, today, cramped passengers can expect an average legroom of just 31 inches and 16.5-inch-wide seats.

But fed-up flyers may have their prayers answered, if a new law requiring seat-size guidelines gets approval.

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is adding an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Bill, which is pending before Congress.

Currently, there are no federal limits on how close an airline’s row of seats can be or how wide an airline’s seat must be.

As Schumer demonstrated a few years ago, sometimes the annoying thing about air travel isn’t the size of the seat, but the size of the jackass sitting in it.

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Author: Doug Powers

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