Over a 1,000 private jets fly to Switzerland for emergency talks about lowering fossil fuel emissions

What a joke!

The World Economic Forum is kicking off, and it’ll contain the usual lectures warning about our impending global warming doom caused by harmful emissions from mankind accompanied by the usual dearth of self-awareness:

More than 1,000 private jets and helicopters are expected to fly to Switzerland next week as business leaders join presidents and prime ministers for the World Economic Forum.

Bankers, advisers, lobbyists and journalists flock to the meeting in Davos every January. Those planning to take a private flight from Britain with a few friends or colleagues can expect to pay up to £27,000 for a return trip. About 200 private flights were made to the region every day during last year’s event.

Naturally, among the emergency topics being discussed by the private jet-set eco-warriors will be man-made global warming, or whatever word they’ll use for it that doesn’t sound stupid to say under several feet of snow.

What would we do without our environmentalist betters?

The air smells cleaner already. Thanks, rich enviro-do-gooders!

Author: Doug Powers

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