Great Lurch Forward? Al Gore prays for new president & John Kerry steps up


Al Gore is praying hard to the climate sham gods for a new president:

Are the Goracle’s prayers being answered?

Former Secretary of State John Kerry is reportedly considering a presidential run in 2020.

Kerry met with Hussein Agha, an ally of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in London where he touted the idea when discussing the Middle East’s peace process, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday citing Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv.

Kerry, 74, when asked about his age, said he wasn’t much older than Trump and wouldn’t have a problem.

Small sampling of reaction to the Kerry news:

Iran: “YES!”

Your air conditioner “NO!”

If Kerry does run again though, the GOP ads write themselves:

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  1. Al Gore is a snake oil salesman, global warming is a lie. God Bless President Trump and thank goodness he is no liberal buying into this nonsense of Al Gore.

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