Shocker! Staffer for wife of Bill Clinton reported sexual harassment & Hillary let the accused off the hook

Remember Hillary Clinton’s constant 2015/2016 lectures about the seriousness of allegations of sexual harassment and assault?

Accusors should be “heard, believed and supported.” Clinton left off a fourth option (for her staff only): Or reassigned to a different job while giving the accused offender a slap on the wrist:

Hillary Clinton, over the advice of staff, chose to retain a top aide to her 2008 presidential campaign despite a fellow staffer leveling multiple allegations of sexual harassment against him, The New York Times reported Friday. The aide, Burns Strider, was Clinton’s faith adviser during her first presidential run.

Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle apparently implored the candidate to dismiss Strider, who was accused by a 30-year-old woman working on the campaign of “[rubbing] her shoulders inappropriately, [kissing] her on the forehead, and [sending] her a string of suggestive emails,” The New York Times reported. But Clinton “said she did not want to” fire Strider, the Times reported, and he instead was kept on the team but forfeited “several weeks of pay” and was made to seek counseling. The woman who made the complaints — who had shared an office with Strider — “was moved to a new job,” the Times said.

It’s almost like she is and always has been a total hypocrite!

By the way, we have an anniversary to celebrate today:

Perfect timing.

Author: Doug Powers

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  1. What is: “Do as I say and not what I do”?

    Answer: The official motto of the Democrat Party.

    1. Yeah, it was just SHOCKING to read about that harassment cover-up story concerning Bill Clinton’s wife who was also pals with Harvey Weinstein. Simply shocking.

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