Confirmed: Nancy Pelosi brought her ‘Armageddon’ face to Trump’s SOTU speech

Something wrong?

If a broadcast company had said they were going to hold a camera on Nancy Pelosi’s reaction during President Trump’s entire State of the Union speech they might have made a fortune on pay-per-view subscriptions from schadenfreude aficionados. Pelosi has in the past paid comical lip service to calls for “unity,” but here’s how she looked when Trump called for unity right in front of her:

Come on, Nancy, turn that frown upside-down!

Well, Pelosi knows the Nunes memo is probably going to be released this week, so what’s she really got to be happy about?

Author: Doug Powers

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One thought on “Confirmed: Nancy Pelosi brought her ‘Armageddon’ face to Trump’s SOTU speech”

  1. After watching the SOTU last night, it’s plain to see the DumbOCraps are totally against anything that will make America and/or Americans prosper in any form or fashion. Their 2020 campaign slogan can be ‘Make America A Shithole Again’. This would be an excellent tribute to Barry’s legacy.

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