Perfect: Movie ‘Chappaquiddick’ to open Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival

Excellent backhanded tribute to the senator who had the audacity to name his dog “Splash.”

This is a little like premiering the movie “Hindenburg” at a theater in Lakehurst, New Jersey, but it’s a perfect backhanded tribute to the senator who had the audacity to name his dog “Splash”:

Chappaquiddick, the upcoming movie that revisits Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s infamous 1969 car crash on the Island, will open the 2018 Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival on March 15.

A discussion with the film’s director, John Curran, and actor Jason Clarke, who stars as Mr. Kennedy, will follow the opening night screening.

“We’re really excited,” MVFF artistic director Brian Ditchfield told the Gazette Tuesday. “It’s rare that you find a great dramatic film that also has local resonance, and so we thought it was the perfect film to open the festival.”

He added that the film festival was excited to bring Mr. Curran and Mr. Clarke to the Island. Mr. Clarke, an Australian actor who also starred in Zero Dark Thirty, among other films, “was fabulous in [Chappaquiddick],” Mr. Ditchfield said…

The new film looks at the car crash and the aftermath that unfolded, largely on the Vineyard, which included a media firestorm and the Kennedy family dealing with what they saw as a public relations nightmare for Mr. Kennedy.

If anybody there has a sick sense of humor it’ll be part of a double-feature shown after a screening of “A Bridge Too Far.”

Kennedy, who killed a woman and escaped responsibility because of his family’s wealth and influence, went on after the accident to serve as an inspiration to Democrats who accuse Republicans of waging a “war on women” and embracing rich white privilege.

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Author: Doug Powers

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