Baltimore mayor turns students into lib gun control activists and taxpayers are picking up the tab apparently

The good news: These kids might be safer for a day because they’ll be out of Baltimore.

The bad news: They’ll be in Washington, DC. Both crime-ridden cities that have been run by liberals for decades, not that anybody will care to notice.

Oh, and taxpayers will be picking up the tab for this:

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D) said Tuesday that the city would organize 60 free buses to take students to the anti-gun violence march in Washington, D.C., later this month.

Pugh addressed hundreds of students who had walked out of Baltimore City schools and marched to City Hall on Tuesday to demand action on gun violence.

“It is all about hearing the voices of young people,” Pugh said, according to video of the situation posted by a Baltimore Sun reporter. “Let’s show Washington, D.C., that Baltimore matters.”

So let’s see, the mayor’s sending dozens of kids from a liberal-run city with a horrific murder problem to another liberal-run city that’s on the top 10 most dangerous cities list to call for a liberal plan to reduce “gun violence”? What could possibly go wrong? Sadly it appears that the mayor — not to mention the students — skipped school on the day they taught the definition of insanity. Also, why is it OK for Democrats to use taxpayer money to turn students into activists for left-wing causes? As it’s been pointed out, just imagine the Dem reaction to a GOP mayor using taxpayer money to send students to the March for Life.


Bonus video:

The term “gun violence” is like nails on a chalkboard and nobody serious about solving the problem of mass shootings would use it, but then again, these are the politicians and media we’re dealing with, and they’re simply on a different, much more ignorant, planet on this issue:

My favorite in all that has to be Dianne Feinstein: “It’s legal to hunt humans with 15, 30 or even 100-round magazines.”

Er, pretty sure it’s illegal to hunt humans with anything, Senator. Well, if you don’t count Planned Parenthood.

Author: Doug Powers

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  1. Debbie Whasserface Schultz? I thought she was already in jail for campaign violations….. oh, not, that’s right, she’s a Democrat.

  2. That guy shooting the rifle at the end of the clip kills me. He acts like he is shooting a cannon. HA!

    1. Yeah that’s hilarious. He actually looks like he’s holding a pitbull and he’s afraid it’s going to turn around and bite him. But that’s why they find the term “gun violence” acceptable. They think the gun controls the shooter instead of the other way around.

      1. Egads! Hell I cannot get my AR, or shotgun of pistols to do anything. Lazy guns, cannot even take the trash out

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