Classic: Gov. Jerry Brown pledges to ‘stick to the law’ in fighting DOJ suit about sanctuary cities

Clown show.

Governor Moonbeam was in another unintentionally funny mood today when reacting to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Justice Department against the State of California for its refusal to obey federal immigration law and cooperate with federal officers:

“Like so many in the Trump administration, this attorney general has no regard for the truth. What he said earlier today is not true. It is a lie. What can I say, we’ve seen with the Trump administration with the investigations going on, the pleas of guilty to lying by countless individuals, colleagues, so there it is. We are going to carry on and protect our citizens from criminals and protect people from improper abuse of the law.”

“This attorney general is maybe trying to keep his job because the president isn’t too happy with thim. We here are going to stick to the facts and stick to the law. We will meet this litigation fully.”

“We will stick to the law… well, unless it’s a law we don’t feel like sticking to.”

Brown’s tone will change dramatically the next time he has to call the White House and ask for a few billion in federal aid.

Author: Doug Powers

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