Shot/chaser of the week: Here’s how effectively Facebook has cleaned up the ‘fake news’

During the latter months of last year, Facebook said the company would be taking action against so-called “fake news”:

The chaser from this week shows how seriously they’ve taken the problem:

Call me crazy, but somehow I don’t think Facebook’s totally serious about cleansing itself of “fake news.”

Oh, and the reason younger news consumers trust Dan Rather is right there in the Columbia Journalism Review article:

Rather has been especially popular with younger audiences on the platform, many of whom have no memory of him as a network anchor. In January, he started hosting a weekly YouTube show for The Young Turks, a progressive online network geared toward millennials. Billed as an “untraditional evening newscast,” Rather appears on the 30-minute show from his office desk.

So there’s the trick for disgraced newsmen who have helped spread lies: If you wait long enough another generation will come along that doesn’t know what you’ve done. But of course Rather’s been forgiven in his industry not because of what was done, but who it was done to.

Author: Doug Powers

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