California’s so far gone that a guy running for president of Mexico is campaigning there

GREAT argument (in favor of building the wall).

If you ask me this guy is about the best argument in favor of building the wall Trump would ever be able to find:

A presidential candidate was barnstorming across Los Angeles over the weekend, reaching out to Mexican migrants, blasting President Trump and calling for protection for illegal immigrants.

The twist: he is running for president of Mexico.

According to Mexican newspaper Excelsior, Ricardo Anaya Cortes met with businessmen and activists in Los Angeles — which has a large Hispanic population.

Among those he met with was Obama-era Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, now the president of the University of California.

While in California, Cortes encouraged all who are in the state illegally from Mexico to go back home with him where they belong. Wait, no he didn’t:

In a tweet accompanied by a picture with Napolitano, Anaya said they “talked about the importance of supporting the Dreamers and agreed that Mexican migrants deserve respect.”
According to Excelsior, Anaya said that “we are one,” and reiterated that the Mexican migrant community in the U.S. is not alone. While on American soil, he also took a swipe at President Trump by saying he would not be on the side of “an American president who has dedicated himself to insulting our community.”

What an ass. “My fellow Mexicans… we are one! But stay in the U.S.!”

Author: Doug Powers

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