WHAT media bias? Dem Rep thanks NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell for advice on saving McCabe’s pension

Surprised by the lack of objectivity? Me neither.

Recently NBC News’ super-objective reporter Andrea Mitchell gave some advice to #Resistance Dems on how to help out fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe:

Wisconsin Democrat Congressman Mark Pocan made such a job offer to McCabe, and thanked Mitchell for the suggestion. Mitchell’s reluctant acceptance of Pocan’s offering of thanks shows that even Andrea knows she dove headfirst into “partisan hack” territory but it still didn’t seem to bother her too much:

Also notice that even though it was the FBI’s Office of Personal Responsibility who recommended McCabe’s firing for misconduct, Mitchell said nothing as Pocan blamed it all on Trump being heartless.

Surprised by Mitchell’s lack of objectivity? Me neither:

Author: Doug Powers

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