How will the Broward County Sheriff blame this one on the NRA?

Asleep at the wheel.

In spite of Broward County Sheriff’s Department having ignored myriad red flags about Nikolas Cruz and some of his deputies failing to enter the building where he was killing students, Sheriff Scott Israel was quick to blame the NRA for the massacre.

Here’s the latest. How will Israel blame the NRA for this one?

Is the NRA selling “assault Sominex” or something? In the bigger picture, the Broward sheriff is the one who has been shown to have been asleep at the wheel for quite a while. And it’s not like it had been a snoozer of a week or anything:

About 30 minutes before Moises was found asleep, other deputies arrested Zachary Cruz, the brother of gunman Nikolas Cruz, for trespassing. Although Zachary Cruz had been told several times to avoid the campus, he rode his skateboard onto the grounds to “reflect on the school shooting and soak it in,” deputies said.

A day later, two students were arrested for bringing knives to the school, heightening concerns about security.

“Knives? Damn you, NRA!” – Predicted Sheriff Scott Israel reaction at a future CNN town hall.

Author: Doug Powers

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