Josh Earnest is out of the White House but still telling whoppers

Getting a lecture about telling the truth from Josh Earnest is like Michael Moore accusing somebody of being a slob, but Earnest is undaunted by the hypocrisy:

Josh Earnest, who served as White House press secretary in the Obama administration, jabbed at current press secretary Sarah Sanders, suggesting in an email to Democratic voters that she frequently lies at the podium.

Though Earnest did not directly address Sanders by name, he referred to his own role in the Obama White House and compared it to how the Trump administration “operates.”

“When I was press secretary for President Obama, my strategy was simple,” Earnest said in the email sent out Thursday by the Democratic National Committee. “I spoke directly with the president and didn’t make a habit of lying to the American people. You and I both know that’s not how the Trump administration operates.”

In other words, Josh Earnest is still telling lies.

For just one example, here’s Earnest at the end of Obama’s presidency touting his historic and precedent-setting transparency:

Fact checks on that:

Earnest has a promising career in comedy ahead of him.

Author: Doug Powers

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