NPR’s crossing of the ‘Russia collusion’ and ‘blame the NRA’ streams could blow up in their face

Using NPR’s logic, this is a GREAT reason to defund NPR.

The Left’s effort to continue to push the “Russia collusion” angle as well as the liberal narrative about the NRA has fused, thanks to NPR, which presented this super-forced gotcha attempt:

For the most part, according to the article and the NRA’s statement to a congressman, the NRA made a couple thousand dollars from membership dues and subscriptions from U.S. citizens living in Russia. Not exactly the “NRA’s in bed with Putin” scoop NPR was obviously trying to create.

As a matter of fact, Americans living in Russia pay US taxes, which means federally funded NPR gets money from “Russian-linked” individuals too. Maybe we should use that as the basis for defunding NPR!

Author: Doug Powers

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