Rachel Maddow’s Trump/Syria conspiracy theory runs DEEP (the U.K. and France are in on it!)

It’s getting crowded in the MSNBC Cuckoo’s Nest!

Friday night President Trump announced missile strikes intended to take out chemical weapon facilities in Syria. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, poster progressive for Trump Derangement Syndrome, smelled a conspiracy:

On Friday, Rachel Maddow said President Trump’s decision to strike Syria will make people think he wanted to “distract” from a “catastrophic domestic scandal” blowing up at home. Maddow, using a form of the phrase ‘wag the dog,’ implied the bombing of Damascus was a diversion from such crises.

“It will affect those other countries’ view of this strike. It will affect their reaction to it,” she said.

“It will therefore affect the utility of this military strike if the president of the United States is believed to have issued the order to launch this strike tonight, even in part because people think he wanted to distract from a catastrophic domestic scandal that is blowing up at home at the same time,” the MSNBC host declared.

So far the only thing potentially “catastrophic” that has come from anything related to the Mueller investigation isn’t even about Trump.

Here’s my favorite part. Maddow says the effectiveness of the military strikes might be diminished because of the loony conspiracy theories that were bound to be pushed by the likes of… herself:

“The perception that the president may have ordered these strikes in part because of scandal will affect the impact and the effectiveness of these military strikes. Unavoidably. Even if the tail is not wagging the dog,” Maddow added.

This is even more embarrassing than Maddow’s failed freakout about Trump’s taxes:

So England and France agreed to fire missiles at another country in order to help distract from Trump’s domestic issues? The conspiracy runs deep in the MSNBC Cuckoo’s Nest!

Author: Doug Powers

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