WAHHH! DNC files lawsuit because reality isn’t matching up with the liberal election loss narrative

This is even more pathetic considering that’s the party that got busted rigging the nomination process in Hillary’s favor:

The projection is strong here:

Taking a page from its response to the Watergate break-in, the Democratic National Committee filed suit on Friday against President Donald Trump’s campaign, the Russian government and WikiLeaks for allegedly engaging in a conspiracy to damage the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential race.

The DNC is seeking recompense for what it says was millions of dollars in damages from Russia’s hacking of its internal emails, which were then published by WikiLeaks, with the encouragement of then-candidate Trump and his campaign.

The civil complaint, filed in federal district court in Manhattan on Friday, is unrelated to the criminal investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, as well as congressional investigations into Russian meddling.

I take issue with that last sentence especially — this is completely related to the Mueller investigation. If the DNC believed the Mueller investigation was going to do damage to Trump would they bother with this stunt?

Obviously, this is also a fundraising stunt to get some midterm cash. Too bad a lot of Dems already sent over a half million dollars to Andrew McCabe’s legal defense fun. After all the fingers that have been pointed at Trump since the election, the only people I’m seeing getting in any real hot water are Dem darlings. Pass the popcorn!

Author: Doug Powers

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2 thoughts on “WAHHH! DNC files lawsuit because reality isn’t matching up with the liberal election loss narrative”

  1. I don’t know who’s responsible for this idiocy, but all I’ve heard this afternoon from Republicans (except for hysterical laughter) is how much they’re anticipating discovery. From the comments I’ve heard, there are virtually no limits to what Clinton/DNC/Democrat election related documents they can subpoena, and “election related” is a wide open field. And then comes news that Hillary’s “missing” 30K e-mails are, and have been, readily available from a backup source. Pass the popcorn.

    1. I’m still not quite sure where they’re going with all this but mostly I’m thinking it’s at the very least a fundraising stunt. Maybe they saw all the morons who sent money for McCabe’s defense and thought they should get in on it.

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