Good luck! Dem officials want Hillary to return nearly $2 million to the DNC (in the name of Christian service)

Not enough popcorn in the world.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when somebody from the DNC calls Hillary Clinton and asks for $1.65 million back:

Several Democratic officials are asking Hillary Clinton to return the money that the Democratic National Committee paid her political group for her campaign email list and other resources.

In February 2017, the DNC agreed to pay Clinton’s group Onward Together $1.65 million for her campaign email list, analytics, donor data and related items, The Intercept reported on Wednesday. The cache of material was worth more than $5 million; Clinton’s campaign made an in-kind donation of resources worth $3.5 million, and the DNC paid for the rest.

Now a number of Democratic Party officials, including some state party chairs and DNC members, want Clinton to retroactively donate the campaign materials to the DNC and return the money that the party organ gave Onward Together.

“She should return the money for the ‘love of the Democratic Party’ to the DNC for its use,” said Alabama Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Worley, who supported Clinton during the 2016 primary.

But wait, it gets funnier:

Other DNC officials, including at-large member Brian Wahby and Kansas Democratic National Committeeman Chris Reeves, welcomed an in-kind donation but stopped short of asking for it.

“It would be a Christian thing to do,” Wahby said.

Because nothing will work better to persuade an abortion-on-demand cheerleader than an appeal to her Christianity!

Anyway, here’s what happened after a DNC official asked Hillary to return the cash and understand it’s an inevitable result of her loss to Trump. It didn’t go well:

Author: Doug Powers

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