The Clintons are coming BACK this year (‘HEYYY, must be the moneyyy!’)

Hey, great news for Republicans heading into the midterms: The Clintons plan to have a much higher profile in the coming weeks and months, which means Hillary will be delivering more speeches and Bill’s going to get back on the dating scene:

The Clinton family has made sporadic and often subdued appearances in the 18 months (538 days) since Hillary Clinton lost her presidential election. But we’re about to see a lot more of them this spring.

Why it matters: This family has been on the national stage for 26 years — all or most of the lifetime of anyone under 50. Chelsea Clinton, now 38, was 11 when her father, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, announced his entry into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in October 1991. He was 45 then; is 71 now.

The Clintons are still graciously offering to help relieve Americans (and others) of the burden of lugging around heavy wallets:

We’ll see how ticket sales go now that they don’t have any influence to peddle.

Author: Doug Powers

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