Time to play ‘guess what CNN’s headline would be if it was something bad about Trump instead of Obama?’

Spin mode ACTIVATE!

Israeli intelligence operatives who entered Iran found, and left the country with, tens of thousands of documents showing how Iran was working in secret to develop nukes, and lied about their intentions, all while the Obama administration spiked the ball over the Iran deal. CNN framed it this way:

Immediately it’s Netanyahu on the defense? CNN must hand out Dramamine by the handful to keep from getting nauseous from the spin.

Here’s what CNN’s headline would have been if the info made the current U.S. president look like a fool: “Israeli PM’s Comprehensive & Devastating Presentation Proves Trump Got Suckered By Iran.” But instead it makes the Obama administration look like clowns, so we basically get, “Israel steals Iranian state secrets containing questionable information, Netanyahu pounces!”

On MSNBC today, Benjamin Netanyahu did a good job of shooting down all the kneejerk reaction from Obama fans claiming the info in the half-ton trove of material Israeli intelligence swiped from Iran was “nothing new” (video via Hot Air):

Author: Doug Powers

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