Kerry spokesman’s Iran Deal statement contains so many whoppers it’s been officially declared a Burger King

John Kerry’s one-man rogue attempts to save Obama’s Iran Deal legacy while using the Logan Act as toilet paper on his yacht aren’t going over well at the White House:

Kerry, through a spokesman who may or may not have written this in an office in Tehran, put out a statement with a doozy of a first sentence:

Americans so overwhelmingly support a continuation of Obama administration policies that Hillary Clinton was sent packing on election day and Trump’s in the White House! And don’t you just love the “nuclear agreement prevented a war” BS? Congratulating themselves for saving humanity from things that only might have happened is a hallmark of Hope & Change-era heroism.

Also it’s interesting when Obama flacks cite “America’s closest allies” as supporters but conveniently ignore Israel, which gathered the intel showing what a joke the Iran Deal truly is.

Author: Doug Powers

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