Creatures From the DC Democrat Lagoon call for the swamp to be drained (pause for laughter)

The Democrats have settled on an anti-corruption angle for the November midterms, and it should be enough to keep voters… laughing all the way to the polls. Instead of coming up with their own slogan, they basically stole Trump’s:

Alternate Dem midterm slogan: “Psychological Projection We Can Believe In!” Could they be more shameless? Pelosi and Schumer are so swampy that they’re covered in duckweed and have webbed hands and feet.

Between that and saying tax cuts and the end of Obama-era net neutrality rules would result in death, destruction and full-blown Armageddon, the circus comedy act of Schumer & Pelosi remains the most hilarious attraction under the DNC Big Top.

Stuff like this is what has the Dems crapping through a keyhole:

The not-so-hidden message is that the Democrats’ enemy is an improving economy. Pretty much says it all if you ask me.

Author: Doug Powers

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