Michelle Obama weeps for women who aren’t empowered enough to vote exactly the way she tells them to

She might have called women who voted for Trump “deplorables” but Hillary’s got the copyright on that.

Liberal women like Michelle Obama who accuse other women of not being “empowered” for refusing to march in lock-step with the Left should have their pictures in the psychology dictionary under “projection.” Get a load of this pile of BS that’s less appetizing than one of her school lunches:

Defeating Hillary Clinton is awesome for women… when Michelle’s husband does it. But when Trump defeats the same woman with the help of female voters, suddenly we have a five-alarm feminism fire and America’s on the verge of sliding back to the pre-suffrage days.

Michelle Obama doesn’t want independent thinking women — quite the opposite — and you can see it in that video that just drips of contempt for those who don’t do exactly what the identity politics pushers say. She probably would have called women who voted for Trump “deplorables” but Hillary’s got the copyright on that.

Wherein abortion-on-demand superfan Kamala Harris wags a ‘morality’ finger at CIA director nominee

Today in abject shamelessness…

Kamala Harris is a likely 2020 Dem candidate for president, and if this is the kind of self-unaware gem we can expect, it’ll be a gloriously shameless campaign:

As Laura Ingraham pointed out, Harris’ idea of what constitutes “immoral” speaks volumes:

She’s more twisted than a huge bowl of rotini.

Obama complains about Trump sinking his Iran Deal legacy in most self-unaware way possible

Wrong again.

The Iran Deal is no more, at least as it pertains to U.S. participation, though Iran’s probably already spent the pallet of cash Obama sent to them:

Former President Obama, of “red line,” “the 80s called” and “leading from behind” notoriety, had an ironic and self-unaware reaction:

Former President Barack Obama is calling President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran deal a “serious mistake” that will erode America’s global credibility.

Obama’s administration brokered the deal. He says Tuesday that Trump’s decision to withdraw is “misguided,” especially because Iran has been complying.

Obama also warned: “The consistent flouting of agreements that our country is a party to risks eroding America’s credibility, and puts us at odds with the world’s major powers.”

Er, “our country” wasn’t a party to jack squat — this was a unilateral Obama administration move designed to provide a wing for his presidential library and nothing more. Obama wanted to play the “pen & phone” game, so he’s seeing how that works out as far as a long-term foreign policy strategy goes: It doesn’t. What a lot of this boils down to is that Obama and the Dems never dreamed Hillary Clinton would lose. They figured their precious unilateral “deals” would be safe for at least a few more years. They were wrong… again.

Pelosi’s got a winning angle for Dems this year: Vote for us so we can take your crumbs back!

Good luck!

Good news (for Republicans)! Nancy Pelosi’s encouraging the Democrats to campaign using Walter Mondale’s 1984 playbook, and hopefully they go with it:

The DNC should parlay all this into a bumper sticker slogan for liberal Dems running against the recent tax cuts: “Crumbs Against Crumbs: You Don’t Need Your Money As Much As We Do.”

Go for it, Dems.

Just think how bad this climate change hypocrisy study would look if it took into account Gore, Kerry, DiCaprio & the rest

Ya don’t say!

Note: The findings below have a margin of error of plus or minus Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio and John Kerry, who were all unavailable to participate in the eco-hypocrisy study because they couldn’t be reached in their private jets:

The study divided 600 adults who reported on their climate-change beliefs into three groups: “skeptical,” “cautiously worried” and “highly concerned.”

Then the researchers — from the University of Michigan and Cornell University — tracked how often they reported doing things like recycling, using public transportation, buying environmentally friendly consumer products, and reusing shopping bags. And they asked about support for government mandates like CO2 emission reduction, gasoline taxes and renewable energy subsidies. The Journal of Environmental Psychology published the findings.

What they found was very illuminating.

The researchers found that the “highly concerned” group was the least likely to take individual action, but they were the most insistent on government action. The “skeptical” group, in contrast, was the most likely to recycle, use public transportation and do other environmentally sound things all on their own. Skeptics were least likely to endorse costly government regulations and mandates.

“Belief in climate change,” the researchers explained, “predicted support for government policies, but did not generally translate to individual-level, self-reported pro-environmental behavior.”

Ya don’t say!

The conclusions from that study come as NO surprise. Take me for example — I think Al Gore and any other number of apocalyptic climate change cultists and eco-doomsday preachers are full of more sh*t than the septic tank outside Ex-Lax’s human testing facility. And because of that, they’d consider me part of the “problem.” But at the same time, my family tries not to leave lights on in rooms that nobody is in; We keep the thermostat fairly low (mostly because I’m usually too hot); We carpool when possible; We try not to waste gas; We pick up trash when we’re out walking; We volunteer to clean up the river walk; And we plant trees because we like trees — not because we’ve fooled ourselves into believing that planting trees is our noble contribution towards helping make John Kerry’s multiple mansions and Richard Branson’s airline fleet carbon-neutral.

Meanwhile, the most vocal and sanctimonious of the “emissions are destroying our planet” bunch are busy flying around the world to climate change conferences, denouncing Exxon from their SUVs and throwing darts at boards with pictures of Scott Pruitt on them and thinking they’re actually doing something.

Delusion-Palooza: Hillary Clinton returning to US for ‘Madam President’ event after venting in New Zealand

If Elisabeth Kübler-Ross were alive she’d have to add many more stages of grief to accommodate all this.

Hillary Clinton was traveling over the weekend, taking her “Ten Thousand Reasons I Lost and Not One of Them is ‘Hillary Clinton'” 2018 world tour to New Zealand. Here are two different clips that are like therapy sessions played out in public. If Elisabeth Kübler-Ross were alive she’d have to add many more stages of grief to accommodate all this:

Hillary: I thought about moving abroad after the election but didn’t.

Abroad: Whew!


The world is Hillary’s bar stool, and she will make the bartender listen to her woes:

By the way, no, Team Hillary aren’t in denial AT ALL, why do you ask?

The event should have been held in Wisconsin for maximum comedic effect.

Kerry spokesman’s Iran Deal statement contains so many whoppers it’s been officially declared a Burger King

John Kerry’s one-man rogue attempts to save Obama’s Iran Deal legacy while using the Logan Act as toilet paper on his yacht aren’t going over well at the White House:

Kerry, through a spokesman who may or may not have written this in an office in Tehran, put out a statement with a doozy of a first sentence:

Americans so overwhelmingly support a continuation of Obama administration policies that Hillary Clinton was sent packing on election day and Trump’s in the White House! And don’t you just love the “nuclear agreement prevented a war” BS? Congratulating themselves for saving humanity from things that only might have happened is a hallmark of Hope & Change-era heroism.

Also it’s interesting when Obama flacks cite “America’s closest allies” as supporters but conveniently ignore Israel, which gathered the intel showing what a joke the Iran Deal truly is.

Projection of the YEAR: Rep. Adam Schiff wishes Trump would stop obsessing about impeachment efforts

This is nothing short of a combination of hilarious, insane, pathetic and delusional:

Take your meds and be patient, Hale Bopp will swing by to beam you up soon enough, Mr. Applewhite.

This is one way to tell the libs’ Russia narrative has completely collapsed. The Schiff has hit the fan!

Nothing to see here, just a former secretary of state secretly meeting with reps from the world’s #1 sponsor of terrorism to undermine the current administration

Just imagine the Dem (and MSM) flip-out of a former George W. Bush secretary of state was working behind the scenes with a regime the U.S. considers the #1 state sponsor of terrorism to facilitate direct opposition to an Obama administration foreign policy initiative. That’s reportedly what John Kerry’s doing, and he’ll be toasted at liberal cocktail parties for it:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has fielded dozens of private meetings and phone calls in recent months in an effort to preserve the Iran nuclear deal, as President Trump appears poised to withdraw from the pact.

The Boston Globe reported on Friday that Kerry, who helped broker the 2015 nuclear agreement, met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at the United Nations in New York last month to discuss ways to salvage the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — the formal name for the Iran deal.

He has also met and spoken with a handful of European officials. Last month, he met with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, according to the Globe, and spoke by phone with Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s top foreign affairs official.

Kerry probably won’t find as much cooperation from the Iranians because this time all he has to offer is a pallet of Botox and some James Taylor tickets instead of sacks full of U.S. cash.

Will Kerry be the first person in U.S. history prosecuted under the Logan Act for being a private citizen acting on behalf of the U.S. in disputes with foreign governments? Not a chance — though if this is true he probably should do some time in the pen. Lurch wouldn’t do well in the yard, would he?

Valerie Jarrett praises the president for great jobs report (no, not the CURRENT president)

I’m old enough to remember that in the months following Obama taking office, and even the following year, any shred of GOOD economic news was attributed to Obama’s genius, and lousy economic news was of course Bush’s fault. Well, 15 months after taking office and not long after GOP tax cut Armageddon kicked in, do you know how to tell the newest jobs report is pretty good? Obama’s flacks are crediting the previous administration:

When will she credit Trump for a jobs report? Why, the next time there’s a lousy one, of course.