NOTHING but class: Dem congressional intern shouts ‘F**K YOU’ while Trump walks through U.S. Capitol

Keep that discourse civil, Dems!

It’s a damn good thing this country has Democrats like this to help lead the way when it comes to keeping the discourse civil!

I read comments here and there wondering if the intern would face any consequences. Ha! Hell, that person will probably be feted with a huge party and thanked via a special recorded message from former President Obama.

But that Dem intern (or whoever it was) wasn’t the only lefty trying to turn Trump’s visit to the Capitol into a campaign ad:

The Trump administration is enforcing a law that’s been on the books pretty much since Bill Clinton was diddlin’ Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, but for some reason the Dems don’t seem in any hurry to change it.

Author: Doug Powers

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