SCOTUS upholds Trump’s travel ban, liberals take it totally in stride (just kidding!)

Pass the popcorn.

The Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban today in a 5-4 decision. Naturally, the Constitution working exactly as it was designed to do when dealing with these types of matters has progressives sounding the “crisis” alarm:

Translation: “The courts aren’t going to rule in the Democrats’ favor just because they scream “HITLER NAZI ARMAGEDDON” about everything.

But wait, it gets better. ThinkProgress’ justice editor re-upped this from December of 2016 in response to the SCOTUS decision:

Haha! So does this mean “Hamilton” is no longer the left’s favorite musical of all time? If Hillary’s loss wasn’t enough to make the progs dislike the play about the brainchild of the Electoral College, this latest constitutional “crisis” news might do it.

And the best part? Nancy Pelosi’s got her lips puckered so tight over this she inadvertently caused a Botox blowout:

Remember when Obama said “elections have consequences”? Neither does Pelosi.

Here’s a good one (via Twitchy):

In other words, the Constitution is an impediment to leftists’ idea of “progress,” which is exactly what it was designed to do. Nice to know it’s still working, and it’s also nice of lefties to admit it once in a while.

The left’s having a really bad day, and it doesn’t stop at the SCOTUS decision:

Al Gore’s bottom line hardest hit.

To sum up the last year and a half for liberals:

Author: Doug Powers

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