CNN’s Jim Acosta getting asked to shut the f**k up at a Trump event is perhaps the funniest moment since the media’s New Awakening™

This is a thing of beauty.

The media covering the White House has certainly awakened from its several-year slumber since the election and inauguration of Donald Trump, and nobody provides better proof of that than CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Reporters shouting interruptions during Obama events were ostracized by the press and others, but now those are the moments of which Resistance heroes are made. But sometimes, selectively outraged “journalists” like Jim Acosta get shut down, and not just by the president:

Oh man! That’s a thing of beauty.

What’s even hilariously pitiful is that reporters like Acosta don’t understand that the reason so many people are skeptical of the media isn’t what they’re asking the current administration — but rather what they didn’t ask the previous one. They took an eight year nap, and everybody knows it.

Author: Doug Powers

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