ABC News: Roses of truth couldn’t bloom in the Trump era if the media didn’t fertilize them with BS

I’m going to be in Chicago until about Monday for part convention and part vacation, but before leaving I wanted to put the MSM in a gunny sack and whip it with willow switches one last time…

“Why people have grown to loathe the mainstream media,” part XXXIV:

The Trump administration last year “lost” nearly 1,500 migrant children whom a government agency placed with U.S. sponsors.

Shocking news, but it wasn’t true.

But it was enough to outrage politicians, stir up journalists and make the public ask questions. Chasing this misleading story, however, helped uncover a story that many found even more troubling. And this one was real.

“We make stuff up to damage Trump… and here’s how it helps YOU in the long run!”

There aren’t enough adjectives for what the “media” has become:

Weird, but I don’t remember seeing any MSM stories titled “We lied about what the Obama administration was doing but it helped expose a real crisis” stories during the previous presidency.

Keep discrediting yourselves, MSM! Actually, I’m not sure there’s any credibility left to ruin.

Author: Doug Powers

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