At least the Hollywood Left’s taking Trump’s latest SCOTUS nomination well (cue eye roll)

Schadenfreude overload

What are the symptoms of a schadenfreude overdose? I think I might have had one when putting together this compilation of celebrity dopes proving why their chosen profession is fictional drama, comedy and delusional fantasy. Also, I really enjoy the view that a duly elected president (no matter what they say) nominating a Supreme Court justice and sending it to the Senate for a vote constitutes a “dictatorship” and “fascism.”

Make some popcorn and enjoy the show:

What’s ironic in all this is that to some degree the condescending liberal hypocrites in Hollywood becoming more vocal — combined with the Dems’ insistence upon giving them an even bigger platform — are part of the reason Trump won. They should feel free to keep freaking out — the GOP’s counting on it.

(h/t Breitbart & Twitchy)

Author: Doug Powers

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