Of course: U.N. finds way to tie soccer team being trapped in a cave in Thailand to climate change

They’re SO predictable.

They say that to a hammer everything looks like a nail, and the same is true when it comes to United Nations bureaucrats and “climate change.” Here’s the latest evidence:

And there’s this from the U.N. weather alarmist in question:

“It is the start of the monsoon season in Thailand,” she said. “I’ve been looking at the weather forecast there for Chiang-Rai, for the region, every day for the past week. Every day it has consistently shown the risk of thundershowers; now they haven’t, fortunately, materialized.”

So the thundershowers she forecast didn’t materialize. She says that’s a result of man-made climate change, but might I offer another radical explanation: She got the forecast wrong. It’s a crazy suggestion, I know.

They’s SO predictable.

Author: Doug Powers

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