Irony alert! Dem Rep vents at Peter Strzok for not doing enough to help elect a ‘legitimate president’ in 2016

Does she understand what this says?

The House hearing for FBI agent Peter Strzok has been an all-out clown show, with Democrats going above and beyond the call of duty in order to help distract from any attempts to get to the bottom of the Strzok/Page texts and bias at the FBI in 2016. Rep. Bonnie Watson-Coleman was one of those Democrats, but this one speaks inadvertent volumes:

Considering all the texts that have been revealed, is she actually accusing Strzok of having a pro-Trump bias?

In reality this strikes on the real source of Democrat rage: The U.S. intelligence community circa 2016 didn’t do enough to help Hillary Clinton. That Rep. Coleman considers Hillary Clinton to be the “legitimate president” if only the FBI had given her even more of a boost is as shameless and ironic as it gets. The Dem collusion/rigging accusations are projection writ large.

Author: Doug Powers

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