Hillary’s 2016 campaign advisers are really handling her loss well (cue eye roll)

This is as close to the inside of the White House they’ll get.

Two former advisers to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Philippe Reines and Adam Parkhomenko, staged an emergency protest near the White House last night after the Trump/Putin press conference. Nice to see they’re handing Clinton’s loss — and it was a loss — so maturely:

“Definitely in need of chants”?

How about “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Hillary should have gone to Wisconsin, no?”

And they’re planning more for tonight. What I find most fascinating about these ongoing snit fits is the number of people who have so much f***ing free time. But I guess it beats these guys being busy working in the White House — and those pictures are as close to the inside as they’ll get.


Also, if you’re keeping score at home update your talking points accordingly…

Out: He colluded with Russia so IMPEACH!

In: Help us buy a big balloon:

The average pre-school class behaves more maturely.

Author: Doug Powers

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