John Brennan slams Trump for ‘giving Putin a pass’ on stuff that happened while HE was CIA director under Obama

Part of the problem now wants to be part of the solution!

Former CIA Director John Brennan has said that Trump’s behavior towards Russia and Putin has exceeded the “high crimes & misdemeanors” threshold and is “nothing short of treasonous.”

Brennan is of course now a big-time media darling because he’s so Resistance-y, and on the Today Show this morning he sounded the alarm again:

All those things — all of it — happened while Brennan was in charge of U.S. Central Intelligence (and while Obama was president). But I wouldn’t expect the media to be very vocal in pointing all that out while listening to the same people who allowed the problem to grow explain how it should all be fixed. It’s always fun when part of the problem wants to be part of the solution.

We live in a bizarre time.

Author: Doug Powers

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