Proof-positive that Chuck Schumer’s all for getting tough on Putin, except when he isn’t

Even an IMAX screen can’t handle this much projection.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s among the most vocal liberals when it comes to sounding the alarm about how President Trump is treating Vladimir Putin:

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is calling for immediate hearings with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other top officials to learn more about President Donald Trump’s private meeting on Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Our Republican colleagues need to join us in demanding testimony from the president’s national security team that was in Helsinki, and we need to do that immediately,” Schumer declared Tuesday. “We need hearings, as soon as possible, to assess what President Trump might have committed to President Putin in secret. President Trump’s public statements were alarming enough.”

“The Senate needs to know what happened behind closed doors. Does anyone believe he was tougher on Putin in secret? You can’t assume anything but as weak as he was in public with President Putin, he was even worse in private. Why else did he not want anyone in the room?” Schumer asked.

After Trump clarified his comments, Schumer wasn’t buying that either:

Schumer’s talking tough about Putin, but it was a different story back in 2003 when the Russian prez and longtime KGB agent was visiting New York. Schumer’s nose couldn’t possibly have gotten any browner. Watch:

Just look at Schumer getting all tough on Putin right to his face!

And hey, is that a bow at the 40 second mark?

Never mind that just a few years ago the Dems roared with applause after Obama mocked Mitt Romney’s comments about Russia. DC libs are the last people who should be accusing Trump of not being tough enough on Putin. Even an IMAX screen isn’t big enough to handle all this projection.

Author: Doug Powers

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