Reporter who works for network that employs Brian Williams and recently had a ‘bombshell’ blow up in their faces questions Fox News & Daily Caller’s journalism cred

She should run that by her MSNBC colleague Commander McBragg.

Well isn’t this special?

MSNBC host Katy Tur believes it’s up to her to decide who is a journalist and who isn’t, saying The Daily Caller and Fox News “aren’t journalists” because of their reporting on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.
MSNBC correspondent Ken Dilanian then said “there’s a whole amen chorus out there that is arguing with Donald Trump and that’s what’s fueling this. It isn’t just Trump and his tweets, it’s Fox News, it’s the Daily Caller website. There’s a whole cadre of journalists who are essentially making this argument –“

“Don’t use that term. They’re not journalists if they’re doing that,” Tur said.

“That’s a great point, because the facts as you’ve just laid out very compellingly, don’t comport with this at all,” Dilanian responded.

That’s some cute “journalism” arrogance there coming from somebody whose network not even three months ago had to reel back in a “bombshell” that blew up in their own faces:

And don’t forget that Brian Williams remains one of Tur’s NBC colleagues:

I wonder if NBC/MSNBC’s reporters ever huddle up with Williams — aka Commander McBragg — and laugh mockingly at the unserious “journalists” at other outlets.

Author: Doug Powers

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